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Playing Card Art: James Bond Playing Cards by Joe DiLeonardo

Joe DiLeonardo designed these playing cards as an entry for SuperPunch’s James Bond Art Jam, He figured a collector’s edition luxury playing cards seemed like a good idea, with each one of the suits for one of his favorite Bond actors, one of their Bond girls and one of their villains. The cards (project) should have a matte finish on the backgrounds, while the suit, value and art should have a glossy finish.

© Joe DiLeonardo



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Playing cards by Matt Busch

Matt Busch (born 1972) is an American artist. He had graduated from Macomb with an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic and Commercial Art in 1993. He also joined the Los AngelesArtAcademy and received a Bachelor Degree from the Art Center College of Design.

Matt lived in Los Angeles and worked on Hollywood in ’90s. Later he moved in Northern Detroit area and founded his own company Planetmatt Entertainment. Matt continues to work on Hollywood projects but also he has his own projects (filmmaking, comics and art).

This deck of playing cards is 54 iconic Pop culture images from the “Rock Star of Illustration”. It concludes 54 different Busch’s artworks.

The deck: 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers. Poker size. Playing cards are printed on casino cardboard with semi-smooth glossy finish (laminated).

Matt-Busch-Playing-Cards-Box-Front Matt-Busch-Playing-Cards-Box-Back

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Bēhance: Card Noir Deck by AXL

These playing cards (a project) were designed by Hungarian artist AXL (nickname). His main inspirations for creating the deck were: the black and white world of the film noir genre, paper collages and the style of cigarette cartons with parallel lines and geometric shapes. AXL adhered to the rotated figures of traditional playing cards and he also kept the line-drawing style.

The artists used the four suits of playing cards to describe the different groups of characters. Basically the figures under the same sign are together, like they were in a film situation. He revealed the face and only one hand of each character to explore its personality and insider intensions. AXL also put symbolic objects around them to show their occupations or interests. There are some additional symbols on the ten cards too which can help with additional identification of the characters.

© AXL 2012


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Bēhance: Black Hearted Poker Deck by Raquel Sordi

This deck is a graduate project of the Brazilian artist, Raquel Sordi. Its theme: Universal’s Classic Monsters. Graphic style: Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The author was inspired by Nosferatu’s film poster, Aubrey Beardsley’s illustration, Penguin’s The Picture of Dorian Gray book cover, Si Scott’s illustrations, Dan & Dave Smoke and Mirrors.

  • Spades: Werefolf (Wilfred Glendon); Lisa Glendon; Dr. Yogami.
  • Hearts: Dracula, Mina, Renfield.
  • Clubs: The Monster, Elizabeth, Dr. Henry Frankenstein.
  • Diamonds: The Mummy (Imhotep), Helen Grosvenor, Frank Whemple.

© 2012 Raquel Sordi



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Playing Card Art: Aliens Playing Cards by Ïve Bastrash

A protorype of Aliens Playing Cards by Ïve Bastrash. [© Ïve Bastrash]

“The alien menace is unleashed! Furtive, fast, scary… They breed total chaos in the whole galaxy. Join the ultimate fight alongside Lt. Ripley and the universe’s finest hunter to stop their reign of terror. A set of colorful playing cards with a charming look that will appeal to young audiences and fans of the series alike. …It’s artist Ïve’s first complete card project he devoted himself to during his high school years. His style has since changed significantly, but it remains a great accomplishment in terms of concept and design.”Inkjava.



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