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The Blue Crown: Nautical Playing Cards

Nautical playing cards are produced by The Blue Crown in 2013. The deck was designed by Edo Huang. It is reminiscent of a classic bordered Bee design. Everything about the deck is inspired by the sea. From the rope-like pattern & life preservers integrated into the back design, to the rope border on the court cards, and the ship joker.

The Nautical Deck has been created in Red, Blue and White (limited edition) backs. Playing cards are printed on a thin, flexible, and durable stock that’s manufactured and hand-finished in Shanghai. They have an embossed texture (finish). Tuck cases have custom seals.

The White version of the deck has a different tuck box design and different designs for the Aces. There were printed fewer than 2,000 White decks.


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Collective Art Project (CAP) Deck: The Poop Deck by Ammo Magazine

Ammo Magazine publishes small books and illustration filled magazines. Inkygoodness operates as a showcase for artists working across illustration, character design and lowbrow art.

One fine day Inkygoodness decided to organize the Beermat Character exhibition. They asked Ammo to share the gallery space for that purpose and Ammo gladly agreed to do that. Ammo wanted to add something original and a little different from their usual output to that joint exhibition. But they also wanted to be connected with their print based roots. The outcome is an illustrated collection of playing cards based on maritime/nautical theme and high quality art prints – The Poop Deck Project. A real deck of playing cards was printed as a part of this project.

The box artwork has been crafted by James Burlinson (aka Burlisaurus). The pirate character featured in the Poop Deck logo was drawn by Bart Aalbers, an Illustrator based in Rotterdam. 

pictures of the box are clickable

The-Poop-Deck-Box-Front The-Poop-Deck-Box-Back

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