Collective Art Project (CAP) Deck: The Poop Deck by Ammo Magazine

05 Jul


(Pirate Crew)


The Ace of Hearts – Sandra Escriche: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♣

My character is a Parrot from the pirates crew. Is the Ace. I love to draw animals, so I was really happy when I’ve noticed that my card was a Parrot.

I drew it in a realist way,for play with the vertical position of the parrot with the Pirates flag breaking it in oppositte sense. I thought as it must be a card too (so much small in size) the simplicity in the design could allow to have a clear view in the two ways, in printing and in a card.

I really enjoyed playing with the different layers of opacity for colouring my character.” ~ Sandra Escriche

The Two of Hearts – Roberto Blefari: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♣ Tumblr ♦

My Poop Deck character is Pirate Cabin Boy. I was inspired by memories of childhood, when we played to be pirates, building small cardboard swords and dreamed of far away islands. I focused on the sly expression and the safety of who know that one day will command the crew. I decided to use colors like for screen printing in order to keep the vintage effect of a playing card.” ~ Roberto Blefari


The Three of Hearts – Max Lockwood: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Tumblr ♣

I was given the character of a Pirate Swab/Swabbie which is a lowly pirate often found swabbing the deck with a mop. My inspiration for this piece came from the work of Jose Luis Salinas and his 1940’s comics in Hernan el Corsario. I admire the intricate line work and subtle halftone shadings of that era which is something I am developing in my own work.” ~ Max Lockwood

The Four of Hearts – DOODULL: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♣

Our Poop Deck character is the Powder Monkey. Even though it probably would have been a rubbish job for someone to have we wanted our unsung hero to look triumphant a loft his gun powder barrel. Even though he probably would have hated it after a while we think he probably would have been bragging to people back on land about his importance on the ship. No one could have won a true sea battle without gun powder!” ~ DOODULL


The Five of Hearts – Kenard Pak: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Tumblr ♣ Blogger ♦

This design is inspired by Somali pirates. Pirate Pilot doesn’t really have much to say and is awesome at his job.” ~ Kenard Pak


The picture of the Six of Hearts isn’t suitable for persons under 16 years old. If you are 16 years old or older you can see it here [password: 16]


The Six of Hearts – Roy Margaliot: Site ♠

This is Dave, the ship’s carpenter and surgeon, after a bottle of good old rum sometimes he can mix his current task, but nothing that he can’t fix with a hammer and a nail or two…” ~ Roy Margaliot


The Seven of Hearts – Rob Barrett: Site ♠ Behance ♥ Flickr ♣ Twitter ♦ Facebook ♠

The Master Gunner, commander of all things that go boom! Whether ye want to take out an enemy ship from 200 yards, or deliver some dog a gutshot as you stare at him eye-to-patch, he’s the man ye’ll be wanting to talk to.” ~ Rob Barrett

The Six of Hearts – Lea Vervoort: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♣ LinkedIn ♦ 

My assignment was to make an character for ‘Pirate Crew’, the Pirate Cook. On a pirate ship the Cook prepares the food for the crew. Sometimes the Cook would also double as the ships surgeon.

I decided to design a Pirate character with a beard, an earring (little reference to the cliche pirate), lots of cooking accessories and some small hints of his surgeon skills (the band aid on his apron and the injection needles between the herb collection. I wanted to give him a proud look while serving the enormous pan of hot food for the hardworking and hungry crew. To make everyone understand how high the level of happiness was around dinnertime.” ~ Lea Vervoort


The Nine of Hearts – Joe Todd Stanton: Site ♠

The Pirate Boatswain. Often called the Bosun or bos’n it is the term given to the foreman of the ships crew. From the Old Norse word sveinn meaning servant, they are completely dedicated to the running of the ship and are in charge of the anchor, sails and rigging.” ~ Joe Todd Stanton

The Ten of Hearts – James Stayte: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♣ Tumblr 

Rudegar Norris is the treasure-hungriest Pirate Quartermaster around! His rampant desire for anything shiny has led him around the world 3 and a half times and he once popped a man’s eyes out of their sockets to get at his pile of gold (later confirmed to be some mustard). Finding parrots to be obnoxious and flighty he adopted a pet shoulder-rat, who he named Old Yeast. He wears a little bandana, which all the other pirates agree is adorable.” ~ James Stayte


The Jack of Hearts – Will Aslett: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Tumblr 

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The Queen of Hearts – Bryony Crane: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♣ Blog 

My Pirate Queen character was largely inspired by Ching Shih, a prominent female pirate in the early 1800’s. Researching her made me want to draw a really strong female character that looked a little bit mad and epitomised all of the traits that Ching Shih seemed to possess: intelligence, cunning, strength and ferocity. My illustration started with a strong pencil drawing and then was painted digitally with a emphasis on red and gold to bring in some traditional Chinese colours.” ~ Bryony Crane


The King of Hearts – Menze Kwint: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook 

For my character, the Pirate King I began looking up some information on pirates from the 18th century. What did they wear, what weapons did they use, and so forth. From there on I tried to combine whatever I thought would look good. The result is a though, but level headed, pirate leader. Armed to the teeth and ready for whatever the seven seas, or his crew, can throw at him.” ~ Menze Kwint


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