Collective Art Project (CAP) Deck: The Poop Deck by Ammo Magazine

05 Jul


(Mythical Sea Creatures)


The Ace of Clubs – Rob Kemerink: Site ♠ Twitter ♥

For the “Poop Deck Project” Rob had fun creating a character for the ‘Mythical Creatures’ suit. It’s a Sea Sprite Monkey. A sea sprite is a ghost, typically of seamen or animals who have lost their lives in the water. The word “sprite” is derived from the Latin word “spiritus” (spirit). This fella is the ghost of a ship’s monkey.

Found and captured by sailors in an Asian forrest this little monkey managed to escape the ship he was captured on. Sadly though he lost his live in the water. No longer entertaining the sailors he now enjoys all things taking place under sea level; this little guy found inner peace in his new form.

The Two of Clubs – Colin Mayhew: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Tumblr 

Colin’s character is a Sea Sprite, the ghost of a British Naval Officer. Appearing only on dark gloomy nights he wanders the seven sea’s looking for the pirate that murdered him to take his revenge.

When creating characters Colin imagines their past and includes it in the image. With a ghost character like this he first makes sure things like his uniform look correct then starts adding things to suggest his past, such as how he was killed and where he’s been since.


The Three of Clubs – Janne Iivonen: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Tumblr 

The character I designed is a sea sprite which is a ghost of a sailor, or in my case a pirate who perished at sea. I imagined that it would be cool if the pirate in question had some how drowned wrapped in an anchor chain and you could still see the anchor in it’s manifestation. Other than that I wanted it to fit my usual style: so I went for a design that was not too gory, but not too cute either.” ~ Janne Iivonen

The Four of Clubs – Delia Evin: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Tumblr 

The water nymph could not have a been a more perfect character for me. I really wanted to keep her overall design simple, and just make her hair coloring the thing that really popped about her. Her hair actually helps her blend in with the water in her environment and she can match her skin color to the tone of the water too. At the moment I call her Ula, which means “sea jewel” in Celtic.” ~ Delia Evin


The Five of Clubs – Rachel Corcoran: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook 

Legend tells of the ‘Pearlweeper Mermaid’ weeping tears that turn into the most beautiful pearls. I chose to depict a solemn-looking pearlweeper, clutching at her falling tears which adorn her as a beautiful pearl necklace. I began with a pencil drawing of the mermaid which I coloured digitally in Photoshop. I played around with different textures to create a more ‘sea beaten’ look, and I also think it compliments the ‘Edwardian’ style of illustration that I was hoping to achieve.” ~ Rachel Corcoran

The Six of Clubs – Laurie Hastings: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook 

I was given a Weather Worker Mermaid to illustrate. These mermaids have the ability to control the weather, so illustrating a creature with such powers sat well with my feminist sensibilities. I wanted my mermaid to be submerged under water, so I created the bubble she holds to contain the ship and help convey her influence over the conditions in which it sails. I also wanted my illustration to fill the entire space, so used sea creatures associated with Weather Worker Mermaids as her fishy companions, attempting to intertwine them with her to add some further interest and intricacy to the image.” ~ Laurie Hastings


The Seven of Clubs – Laura Hickman: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook 

Shipsaver Mermaids are bound to guide ships in distress through rough waters filled with dangerous rocks. Characterised by their long athletic torsos and strong back, these mermaids live in colonies amongst the coral reef with sightings reported worldwide. During quiet seas the shipsavers enjoy swimming with dolphins, basking in the sunshine and braiding their beautiful long hair. This specimen was captured with Faber Castell Polychromo pencils and a little bit of Photoshop.” ~ Laura Hickman

The Eight of Clubs – Vero Navarro: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♣ Tumblr ♦ Blogger 

My card represents a beautiful yet evil Mermaid while she’s atracting sailors with her seductive spell song. At the end of her tail, you can see a pile of human bones, her previous victims. I tried to make her beautiful enough for sailors to find her atractive, but at the same time I wanted to accentuate her dangerous side by giving her a dead like skin for what I used green and purple tones. The illustration is done with coloured pencils over canson paper. Then scanned and digitally painted on Photoshop.

This is not the first siren I draw so I found it easy and hard at the same time. Since I’ve already done a few so I’ve developed some kind of easyness at the moment of pulling them off the paper, but also I wanted to make her a little different to the previous ones. The key was to make her look dangerous and “ugly”, in a manner of speaking. Atractive and repulsive at the same time. I think I did my best… but its not me to judge, really… :)” ~ Vero Navarro


The Nine of Clubs – Alex Moore: Site ♠ Facebook ♥

According to greek mythology the sirens were a race of beautiful creatures, possessing voices so sweet that on hearing their song, sailors would throw themselves from their ships to listen to it. however, so enchanting was the siren’s singing that these men would be unable to leave and waste away to nothing on their rocks.” ~ Alex Moore

The Ten of Clubs – Miriam Bos: Site ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook 

For the Poop Deck Project I was assigned the mermaid from the ‘Mystical Sea Creatures’ set. As a kid I was alwasy a big fan of mermaids. I drew them all the time and dreamed of swimming like a mermaid too. So when I got to draw a mermaid for this project I was thrilled!

But what kind of mermaid should I draw? I wasn’t sure. I could draw the obvious mermaid: dreamy, wavy, elegant, or in short, a stereotype. Or I could try something that would be more fun to draw. I decided I wanted a pretty and cheeky mermaid. One that was both chic (notice the pinky and tiara?), a bit plump and a bit tough with all her tatoos. It was fun to create a character with so much story. There is not really a logical explanation for her wanting to drink tea while being underwater and all, but hey, that’s the fun part of being the illustrator. In my world she can do whatever she wants. Even drinking tea under water.” ~ Miriam Bos


The Jack of Clubs – Beatrice Costamagna: Site ♠ Twitter ♥

My Poop Deck character is a Merman, in particular a grandpa Merman with his grandchildren.

The old Merman is boring his kids with the usual endless story that begins with “Once upon a time…”.

But while one of them is sincerely interested in the story (perhaps dreaming to become a “national” merman hero like his grandpa), the rascal one dreams to become an evil pirate, torturing fishes all around him. I’ve chosen to draw this scene because I had a lot of fun imagining the undersea life as our daily life, with parents, grandparents, noisy children and generational conflicts.” ~ Beatrice Costamagna

The Queen of Clubs – Bethany Sellers: Site ♠ Twitter ♥

The character I was given was the Sea Goddess. Rather than using more obvious symbols of the ocean (such as seashells or fish) into her design, I gave her a trident, which is of course often associated with Poseidon.” ~ Bethany Sellers


The King of Clubs – James Burlinson: Site ♠ Instagram ♥ Flickr ♣ Twitter ♦ Tumblr ♠

I was lucky enough to be tasked with illustrating the ‘Sea God’ card for The Poop Deck, you can’t get much more epic than a Sea God. I wanted to steer away from the more common visual representations of Sea Gods, namely the ‘Poseidon Syndrome’ (Santa Claus with a fish tail and a trident/The Little Mermaid’s Dad). I decided that a Sea God should look like a fish and drew some inspiration from ‘Sahagins’ – beasts spawned from fantasy pop-culture and games like Final Fantasy, essentially subtly anthropomorphized fish-dudes. Gods are a human creation so I wanted to keep that element imbedded so I popped him into a meditative pose and finished him off with a hair-style worthy of the heavens (or the depths in this case).” ~ James Burlinson


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