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Kickstarter: Bicycle Steampunk Pirates Playing Cards by Nat Iwata

Nat Iwata decided to create a companion deck to his Bicycle Steampunk Cthulhu Deck (you have a chance to get it within this Kickstarter project). This artist likes to cross different themes in one deck of playing cards. This time pirates will be put in a steampunk world. The deck is planned to be printed by USPCC.


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2013 [week 36] – Upcoming Decks

  • Exquisite Playing Cards by De’vo (Handlordz Team) [October-November, 2013]
  • Foto Grafis Playing Cards by Paul Michael Kane [on Kickstarter in October, 2013]
  • Bicycle Amber Stag Deck by USPCC [October 1, 2013]
  • Bicycle Espionage Deck by USPCC [unknown]
  • Bicycle Steampunk Cthulhu: Pirates Playing Cards by Nat Iwata [unknown]

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Collective Art Project (CAP) Deck: The Poop Deck by Ammo Magazine

Ammo Magazine publishes small books and illustration filled magazines. Inkygoodness operates as a showcase for artists working across illustration, character design and lowbrow art.

One fine day Inkygoodness decided to organize the Beermat Character exhibition. They asked Ammo to share the gallery space for that purpose and Ammo gladly agreed to do that. Ammo wanted to add something original and a little different from their usual output to that joint exhibition. But they also wanted to be connected with their print based roots. The outcome is an illustrated collection of playing cards based on maritime/nautical theme and high quality art prints – The Poop Deck Project. A real deck of playing cards was printed as a part of this project.

The box artwork has been crafted by James Burlinson (aka Burlisaurus). The pirate character featured in the Poop Deck logo was drawn by Bart Aalbers, an Illustrator based in Rotterdam. 

pictures of the box are clickable

The-Poop-Deck-Box-Front The-Poop-Deck-Box-Back

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BentCastle Workshops: Pegleg Pete’s Deck of Royal Rogues

These amazing playing cards were designed and produced by BentCastle Workshops (Chris Pallace & Ben Crenshaw) in 2007. The deck has 58 casino quality cards in all, the standard 52 plus 2 Jokers and 4 Serpent cards with X corner indicies. Four oversized indices of each playing card make it ideal for right and left handed buccaneers of all ages. The decks available in Black or Red Back. Poker size.

Playing cards are dedicated to pirates. The design of court cards is especially interesting due to pips incorporated in it. I’ll make some hints. But I propose you to find them by yourself.


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