The Virtuoso Playing Cards by the Virts

03 Feb
The Virtuoso Playing Cards by the Virts

Card flourishing is a visual art. That’s why the biggest question we constantly asked ourselves in the development of this deck was this: how do we make all your card flourishes look even better? That’s why we developed the Virtuoso deck with a concept we call “Adaptive Aesthetics” ~ The Virts

The Virtuoso deck’s back design is made up of large multi-directional shapes and long outward extending lines. This not only forms a larger, more powerful image when you flourish, it also conforms to whatever direction or configuration your cards are in. The larger shapes intersect to form a prism of smaller shapes, the shapes conform to every direction the packets are held in, and the lines make your card flourishes appear to expand outwards. This way, the smallest flourish you do looks incredibly visual from across a room, and the biggest ones look even more epic. The Virtuoso deck has a special stroboscopic back design that creates visual strobes, isolations and swirls as you flourish.

The Virtuoso deck’s design allows the same fans to look distinctly different. When fanned in reverse or in the right hand, fins and triangles appear, encircling an inner red circle.

Even the ace of spades was a result of inevitable design. The ace was created by tracing out the intersecting lines of our back design.

The faces of the Virtuoso deck were illustrated by one of Singapore’s top illustrators, Morby Lin. A closer look also reveals that the faces weren’t created with curves, but many straight lines to stay congruent with the back design.

Every suit was given its own design theme, with modern takes on the classic design. The King, Queen and Jack of every kingdom also receive their very own emblem, giving royalty what it deserves.

The suits and pips were completely yet subtly re-designed to match our back design. They’re also larger so they’re more visible, while still paying homage to the classics.

Unlike other custom decks which simply squash the indices to make them visible while fanning, we subtly condensed the indices instead. This way, your fans look more visual in the most natural way possible.

More information here

Printed by USPCC. Poker size. The Deck: 52 playing cards + 4 Gaff cards.


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2 responses to “The Virtuoso Playing Cards by the Virts

  1. Billy

    24.05.2013 at 18:50

    thank you for posting these pics ^^
    (also just went thru most of your old posts)

    • Collector

      24.05.2013 at 19:23

      Welcome on my blog, Billy.
      I am glad that you like it.


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