Bēhance: Typographic Playing Cards by Haley Walker

22 May

Typographic Playing Cards designed by Haley Walker (a project). For my Typography class she had to create a deck of playing cards by using one typeface. She was assigned Parma Petit.  Everything you see on the cards is either a number or a letter from the typeface Parma Petit, including the suits.


Haley_Walker_Typographic_Playing_Cards_2 Haley_Walker_Typographic_Playing_Cards_3 Haley_Walker_Typographic_Playing_Cards_4 Haley_Walker_Typographic_Playing_Cards_JackHaley_Walker_Typographic_Playing_Cards_Queen Haley_Walker_Typographic_Playing_Cards_KingHaley_Walker_Typographic_Playing_Cards_Aces Haley_Walker_Typographic_Playing_Cards_Back


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