This Blog about This Blog: Half a Year on WordPress

04 Aug

I am glad to state that “Playing Cards + Art = Collecting” blog celebrates half a year of its existence on WordPress. Time flies. I remember the first month of this blog on WordPress and its first 10,000 visits. That attention strengthened my desire to go on with this blog. Writing about its third month on WordPress, I had to admit a constant interest of people in it and their wide geography. As a result of such interest this blog got 50,000 visits by mid June, 2013. Now half a year… What has happened with the blog? What changes have been made? Yes, they have been made as this blog develops and tries to perfect itself. Let’s see…

First of all, suggestions of its readers were heard and this blog got a new decent address – Old one ( is also active. So now you can use both of them depending on your preferences. All old links will work automatically with new address as well as with old one.

I guess people are not indifferent about this blog as they propose to improve it. And I am pleased to see their growing interest in it – 10,000 visits by mid March, 2013; 50,000 visits by mid June, 2013… and as a result of six-monthly efforts – more than 77,000 visits. Yes, this blog has been interesting for people more than 77,000 times.

I try to post interesting (useful) information concerning decks of playing cards, playing card art (design) and art inspired by playing cards. And I see that people are really involved with my posts. Readers visit this blog each day. March 30, 2013 isn’t already the hottest day for this blog as it got 1,229 visits on July 17, 2013 (I have to think that at least one person didn’t have a working compass that day 😉 ).

This blog was visited 7,000 times during the first month of its existence on WordPress. 17,993 times it was visited during this July (this time seven persons happened to be without compasses 🙂 ). So it should mean 580 (average) views per day and the serious growth in popularity of this blog (more than twice).

Writing about the third month of this blog on WordPress, I expressed my hope to see new readers from around the globe. My hopes come true. This blog has found new friends from new places. And I once again hope that it will find new readers from different parts of the Earth. There are still some places unreached by this blog. This disappointing mistake should be fixed 🙂 .

At this moment this blog has been visited by readers from such places of the world (in alphabetical order):


*** Please note that I used flags and names as they are given by the internal statistics of WordPress. So I am sorry for any possible discrepancy with official flag or name. As I understand the statistics of WordPress operates only with places which have their own ccTLD. It does not operate with human settlements.

This blog works on implementation of its main aims described some time ago. There was added a new page which can be interesting for artists (designers) – “Playing Card Art Requests”. Artists and designers can find art requests from different producers of playing cards or independent playing card projects on that page. The page is going to have updatable data. You can find it through “USEFUL INFORMATION” page or by clicking the banner on the sidebar of the blog (by the way you can click the Facebook page of this blog as well):


The system of special categories which has to help you to find interesting, useful and relevant information on this blog still exists. Additional links to some main categories are also on their places – in the end of almost each post. More than 500 posts on this blog have their own category or several categories.

Some of my readers pointed that sometimes even with all those categories it is hard for them to find what posts are dedicated to playing card art and what ones are dedicated to printed decks. I decided to help my readers with this by generalizing two main categories: “Playing Card Art” and “Deck of Playing Cards”.

All printed decks mentioned on this blog are included in the “Deck of Playing Cards” category regardless of their other possible categories (for example, USPCC“, Fournier“, “Cartamundi“, “Piatnik“, etc.). You can choose this category from the appropriate tab on the sidebar of the blog or by clicking a special banner on the sidebar (read below).

All posts consecrated to playing card art/design (unproduced as a deck) on this blog are included in the “Playing Card Art” category regardless of their other possible categories (for example, DeviantART“, Bēhance“, Shutterstock“, etc.). You can choose this category from the appropriate tab on the sidebar of the blog or by clicking a special banner on the sidebar (read below).

So now you can check whether you have missed something on this blog. Also remember that “Playing Cards and Art” category is consecrated to different goods and art objects connected with playing cards and wasn’t included in both above mentioned categories.

I also noticed that some readers are not comfortable with “USEFUL INFORMATION” page and its sub-pages. So I made more comfortable and visible banners (on the sidebar of the blog) linked with the main sub-pages of this page and lists of this blog.


  • Sales & Discounts – information about discount codes from different playing card producers or places (on-line shops) selling decks;
  • Kikcstarter Decks – short information from Kickstarter about new creative and interesting playing card projects (subjectively chosen) which are active or were successfully funded. Detailed information about them as well as information about some other interesting Kickstarter playing card projects you can find in posts on the blog. It is pleasant that some owners of playing card projects on Kickstarter are courteous people who can appreciate support of their projects and express their thanks to this blog: Uusi (Royal Optik Deck), PugFrog Productions (Bicycle the Royal Dogs Playing Cards: The Pugs), Lee McKenzie (Empire Deck), Lotrek (Bicycle Venexiana Deck), Marci Brinker (Bicycle Gods of Mythology Deck);
  • Upcoming Decks – weekly information about upcoming decks of playing cards from different producers;
  • Printed Decks – the list of posts on this blog dedicated to printed decks of playing cards (generalized “Deck of Playing Cards” category);
  • Playing Card Art – the list of posts dedicated to playing card art (design) or working playing card projects (generalized “Playing Card Art” category);
  • Deck Producers – different manufacturers and producers of playing cards;
  • Useful Links – the link to the “USEFUL INFORMATION” page with the list of all its sub-pages.

So you can find information on this blog in the following way:

1. Use the search bar on the sidebar of this blog and key words to find what you want.


2. Use “Categories” tab on the sidebar of this blog and choose an appropriate category of posts.


3. Use special banners on the sidebar of this blog linked with the main sub-pages of this page and lists of this blog (read above).

4. Use “USEFUL INFORMATION” page and its sub-pages.


5. Use “Calendar” widget if you remember the day when you forgot to read something on this blog.


If you want to follow information on this blog you can do that in the following way:

1. Subscribe by e-mail:


2. Use RSS subscription (read more about RSS):


3. Follow this blog on social media resources – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

4. Bookmark this blog and check it on the daily basis.

My wonderful readers, thank you for your interest and support. And remember that you can easily share information from this blog with your friends on social media resources.


You can also rate different playing card art, projects and decks. It is very simple.


WordPress users can like (reblog) posts on this blog directly through their blogs. Others can do that on Facebook page, retweet them on Twitter or reblog them on Tumblr.

And you can always


I hope you will actively share this blog on social networks, will comment posts on it or at least will rate playing card projects mentioned in them.

I wish you interesting revelations.




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2 responses to “This Blog about This Blog: Half a Year on WordPress

  1. Max

    05.08.2013 at 12:36

    Congratulations Collector! Keep doing such a great job!


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